What do clients look for in tenant-ready spaces?

Landlords have an added degree of responsibility in creating a tenant-ready space, in that they have to plan and design a space that will appeal to a wide range of potential tenants. The first stage of planning a tenant-ready space is understanding exactly what potential members will be looking for when they join.

Flexibility and Agility 

Flexible, agile working is one of the key tenants of the modern workspace. It is also the factor that is most difficult in a tenant-ready environment. Businesses value the ability to adapt their workspaces for the needs of the employee, so any modularity that you can factor into your plan will be very important. 

You should include:

  • Modular furniture
  • Spaces that are easily navigable and simple
  • Customisable private spaces or zones
  • Different zones to fulfil wellness needs
  • Tech to support mixed working


Performance should be a cornerstone of your tenant-ready space. It's vital for client retention, and ultimate profitability. 

You should include:

  • Meeting rooms and private zones
  • Fast internet connection with broad bandwidth
  • Adequate equipment and tech to accommodate potential needs

Comfort and Wellbeing 

Making your space as comfortable as possible for your clients is pivotal for attracting and retaining business. Focusing on the health and wellbeing of those who use the space will allow for increased productivity and brand loyalty.

You should include:

  • Comfortable, quality furniture
  • Biophilic elements
  • Quiet, private spaces for decompression
  • Ample access to natural light
  • Noise and temperature control


Tenant-ready spaces often place a large focus on generating a sense of community spirit within the office, through the incorporation of communal areas. You should ensure that this community spirit is at the forefront of your planning.

You should include:

  • Shared workspaces
  • Conference spaces
  • Teapoints
  • Social Zones


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