A Guide to Office Relocation

Relocating to a new office isn’t always straightforward. In order to get it right, it takes a great deal of planning and preparation, but the question for most businesses is where do you start? At Modus, we understand better than anyone the complexities of moving (which isn’t as simple as packing and unpacking – trust us!), which is why we’ve prepared a handy step-by-step guide to help you understand the process.

In the guide, we give an in-depth breakdown of the procedure for relocating, from getting started to to choosing the right space to moving in and beyond. Here is a breakdown of some the points we cover:

  • Starting out – A look at the drivers of relocation, how to save money and when you should start thinking about moving.
  • How to prepare your office move – What to do before you move (small and large companies are covered); breakdown of the change management process; appointing a commercial property agent; workplace appraisal overview and checklist.
  • Rating systems – Information on ratings systems you need to be aware of for environmental standards, wellbeing and digital connectivity.
  • Building analysis – The process of finding the right space through conducting an in-depth building analysis. We also explore test fitting the building to accommodate a present and future headcount.
  • Cultural fit – Understanding your company culture and how this impacts your choice of space.
  • Moving in – A list of things to consider in preparation for moving in and how to measure the success of the new space once your team is settled.

The more preparation and planning you can do during the early stages of an office relocation, the better informed you will be to make decisions on your space. Therefore, if you’re on the move, we highly recommend reading our guide to relocation before you start.

To download the guide, please click here.