What is AWTY?


AWTY, which stands for Are We There Yet? is our fast-moving innovation team, dedicated to early adoption and testing of new technologies and ideas.

With a rapid prototyping approach, we strive to develop and integrate cutting-edge technologies and learnings into our business processes. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of our outputs and provide an exceptional client experience.

Innovating for Efficiency


At AWTY, we focus on dreaming up new and better ways of working, working with internal and external subject matter experts, the team are aiming to create efficiencies across the entire spectrum of our operations. Whether it's back-end systems, design, project management, or on-site delivery, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for innovation.

Driving Positive Change with Software Innovations


We've transformed multiple areas with innovative software solutions, using tools like Procore, Monday.com, Revit, MIRO, and more to enhance collaboration and streamline operations, boosting project efficiency.

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AI Driven Design


One of our most exciting ventures involves generative design through AI. By harnessing artificial intelligence, we optimize design and problem-solving, delivering tailored solutions for our clients. We've integrated Chat GPT, an advanced language model by OpenAI, to enhance team communication and collaboration, making interactions more efficient and productive.

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Hear From The Experts...


"...As a design-led business, we have been on a quest to explore the possibilities offered by some of these AI marvels. Late last year we began a deep dive into the world of generative design tools, challenging their UX, the flexibility, and level of integration possible as well as the quality and speed of the output..."

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Beyond Software Transformation for Sustainability


Our innovation doesn't stop at software implementation. The AWTY team have developed a CO2 modelling program, to help our clients actively work towards minimising their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future. We have also achieved B Corp accreditation, demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

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Hear From the Experts...


"...The focus on CO2 monitoring and efficiency is more important than ever, as legislation, such as the Clean Air Bill alongside consistent updates to Part F of the building regulations, means that what started as nice to have is now becoming mandatory..."

Dean Sargeant, Head of Technical Services

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