We want the most talented people in the industry to come and join us.  If you think that might be you, then please fill out the form below.

Modus is quite unlike any other company in the sector.  We are a business of high integrity and mutual respect.  We don't really believe in hierarchy; instead we aim to empower you to do your best work.  In an industry that often puts profit ahead of everything, our priorities are different: happy clients and pride in our work.

Many of the extraordinary people who work here have been colleagues for ten years or more; our staff turnover rate is easily the lowest in the sector.  As a recently-joined designer commented to Toby: "having worked at several other D&B companies, this is so different: it's like a large family.  I can't believe the time I'm allowed at Modus to develop my designs and the care that the company takes to ensure that they're delivered".

So, whatever your discipline - design, project management, engineering, commercial management, sales - if you think your talent is wasted where you are, come and join a business that will value you.