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  • Meeting room
  • Private Office
  • Teapoint
  • Reception
  • Roof terrace


Tom Fallon Photography


22,000 SQ FT

A New Concept in Coworking

Huckletree Oxford Circus is an innovative and immersive coworking space that goes beyond the traditional concept. Spanning two light-filled floors and 22,000 sq ft with its own entrance on Oxford Street, it's a place where the metaverse influences reality, fostering collaboration between analytical and creative minds. The main floor on the 4th level features informal meeting spaces, a gaming zone, teapoint, and a breakout area that doubles as a presentation and events space. The office also houses two large enterprise studios with dedicated meeting rooms and teapoints, along with several smaller studios utilising communal facilities.


Where Creativity and Innovation Thrive

Visitors are greeted by captivating colourful arches that lead them through the space. Dichroic film, coloured film, and reflective surfaces create an ever-changing environment, reflecting the evolving light entering the building. Notably, the 'tunnel vision' arches lead to the studio spaces, and an LED-lit infinity mirror enhances the futuristic atmosphere, representing the endless possibilities of the web3 world.
The design process was collaborative, keeping Huckletree's essence at its core. The space offers a wide variety of working environments, from immersive meta-lounges to sunshine-drenched terrace oases, encouraging teams to reinvent the future through creativity and innovation. In summary, Huckletree Oxford Circus redefines the coworking experience, blending creativity, technology, and unique design to create a stimulating and dynamic environment for businesses to thrive and push the boundaries of possibilities.