Case Study



  • Teapoint
  • Breakout areas
  • Open plan

Key Features

Iconic “Can of Ham” building in City of London Complex site protocols for access and deliveries Occupied building placed restrictions on working hours/noisy works Design Development/technical approval/Landlord Licence to Alter ran concurrently Bespoke graphics and wall murals

Photography credit

Tom Fallon Photography


17,500 SQ FT

Brings Memphis Design to Life

Modus worked closely with Travelfusion to bring to life their vision of mixing the Memphis design movement, known for its colourful and abstract style with their passion for travel. The design encompasses bold pattered ceramic tiles, geometric wall prints, and luxurious terrazzo-effect flooring, while pop art breakout area furniture adds a contemporary touch. In-house graphic design played a key role, creating directional graphics on the concrete flooring resembling an airport runway and wayfinding signs inspired by British Airport Authority signage.


Open, Collaborative, and Sustainable

The open-plan layout with glass-fronted meeting rooms and collaboration zones fosters a collaborative environment, while facing true north reflects Travelfusion's progressive ethos. The result is a modern, unique, and vibrant office that complements the prestigious Can of Ham building.