Studio 19 shortlisted in the FX International Design Awards

In the lead up to the FX International Design Awards, we spoke with Miles Dunkley, CEO of SLG Brands about our co-creation creating Studio 19 and how it feels to be nominated for such a prestigious award.

What does this award nomination signify to you?​

It is a number of things really. But mostly I guess it is an affirmation of the bold vision that we had for Studio 19. Affirmation in that we wanted to create something remarkable and to be shortlisted in this hugely prestigious awards programme is a recognition that we have gone at least some way to achieving that.

Where the magic happens: the FX Studio

Why is this award regarded so highly in the industry?​

FX is, without doubt, the leading interior design award programme. Its international scope adds to the prestige of being shortlisted let alone winning. The depth of experience on the judging panel where more than 20 interior design experts are assembled each year underscores the integrity of the award programme.

SLG Owner Miles Dunkley

Why are you proud to be nominated?​

We are proud to be amongst such high calibre entrants and to be in contention in such a respected award scheme. I feel also that SLG is flying the flag for the rarely represented non-London projects. That makes me feel very proud. ​

The perfect space for a company with creativity at its core

Why do you believe Studio 19 deserves to win?​

I feel that being shortlisted is already a “win’ of sorts for SLG and Modus! But if we were to scoop the first place in one of the three categories that we are nominated, it would be because of the determination to not compromise from the original raw and uninhibited vision that we had and that was eventually realised.

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