Every business is embroiled in the same debate: what is the role of their physical office space in the future?

We are asking the big questions.

Having a large proportion of staff working from home at any one time is a beguiling proposition: it can reduce costs and will probably be popular.  But it's hard to manage, risks damaging culture, stifling innovation, and undermining staff development.  And is it really thought-through or just a reaction to what has happened?  How do you decide who should come in, and on which day?  What should be in the office – fewer desks, more collaboration areas?  How big an office do you really need?  Where should it be?  Do you need an office at all?


Our approach

Modus has been helping companies make strategic real estate decisions for three decades.  In many respects there is nothing new about the challenges we're encountering now – many of our clients have been operating flexible, work-anywhere, policies for years.  The difference is that technology has reached a tipping point that now enables more interactive work activities to be conducted outside the office.  But what does this mean?

How we can work together

Our stance is that the role of real estate in a business's strategic mix is personal to each company - there are no rules.  It's all about management and starts with a root-and-branch review of how physical space supports business strategy.  We should celebrate that it is now possible to do so much remotely but, equally, we must make sure that location flexibility is used in support of the business and not simply because people want to stay at home on Fridays.

So, what's next?

  • Clarify the role of real estate in the company's strategic mix and as a competitive tool
  • Segment the workforce by task categories and define the locational implications of these
  • Use statistical analysis to quantify the requirement for different assets in the workplace
  • Identify how the office should support client and other third-party engagement
  • Look at culture and brand and the role of the workplace in supporting these
  • Consider how the space can provide compelling reasons for staff attendance, such as superior technology, health and fitness amenities, collaboration areas, education and training facilities, sales tools, innovation suites and a plethora of other possibilities
  • Show how the current workplace can be transformed to fulfil its strategic potential
  • Assist management with defining and setting policies for locational flexibility and office attendance
  • Run change programmes to transition from WFH to locational flexibility with the office as the hub
  • Build, drive and maintain employee engagement through focus groups, webinars, social media and events

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