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The Watches of Switzerland Group


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RS Brown


75,000 SQ FT

Future Proofing Workspace

The Watches of Switzerland headquarters relocation and design project in Leicester was a remarkable collaboration between Modus Workspace, Platfform, and Quadrant Design. The 75,000 sq ft space demanded meticulous planning to create an innovative, future-proof workspace that aligned with the brand's identity and nurtured employee well-being. The challenge was to accommodate evolving trends while ensuring comfort for long-standing employees. The space also needed to be neutral to seamlessly integrate the extensive and illustrious brand partnerships.

The foundational design from Quadrant drew inspiration from nature. Modus’ selection of earthy tones, rich greens, and soothing blues throughout the space, accentuated with brass and metallic touches elevated the original vision.

1606_Modus_WOSCarltonPark_WEB (3).jpg

Luxury and Functionality

The new HQ features breakout areas offering a hospitality-driven lounge experience, blending luxury and functionality. Employee wellness, a central tenet to the concept, is highlighted with thoughtful inclusion of biophilia throughout. The design incorporates a variety of working zones, providing flexibility and agility for the team to achieve their goals. The result is an elegant and sophisticated workspace that fosters a positive atmosphere and encouraged creativity.

The new headquarters have become a destination, reflecting the brand's essence while providing a nurturing space for employees to thrive. It stands as a successful project that honours the brand's culture and represents a seamless partnership between Modus Workspace, Quadrant Design and Platfform.

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