The Watches of Switzerland Group's Headquarters - Nature and Luxury Meet

In a captivating collaboration between Modus Workspace, Platfform and Quadrant Design, a grand vision for The Watches of Switzerland Group headquarters in Leicester became a stunning reality.

This 75,000 sq ft office relocation and design project marked a significant milestone for the company, demanding thoughtful planning and meticulous execution to ensure a seamless transition into a future-proof, innovative workspace. The goal was to create an impressive new headquarters that not only resonated with the brand's identity but also nurtured its most valuable asset – its employees.

The Watches of Switzerland Group had been a cherished client of Quadrant Design for over a decade, with an established relationship built upon delivering remarkable retail design projects. This new venture, however, was a bold step, transforming the way the company operated at its core. The challenge was twofold: the space needed to be adaptable to accommodate evolving trends while also being inclusive and comfortable for long-standing employees who had been instrumental in the company's success.

As the headquarters represented a hub for various brands hosted by The Watches of Switzerland Group, it was essential to create neutral spaces that could effortlessly integrate other brand identities. These spaces would serve as a canvas, allowing different brands to seamlessly blend in while maintaining their uniqueness.

Inspired by the allure of nature, Quadrant Design took cues from the surrounding landscape, with the horizon acting as a design muse. The three floors of the building were transformed into living expressions of earth, landscape, and sky. Each floor reflected a distinct theme, incorporating earthy tones, rich greens, and soothing blues and teals, while tasteful brass and metallic touches tied the design back to the brand.

The breakout spaces were designed to offer a hospitality-driven lounge experience, featuring furniture sourced in collaboration with Modus Workspace's sister company, Platfform. This ensured a chic and inviting ambience that blended the comforts of a luxury hotel with the functionality of a productive workspace.

From the outset, wellness was at the heart of the concept and brief direction. The Watches of Switzerland Group prioritised employee well-being, understanding that a thriving workforce required not just a place to work but a space to grow and collaborate. The design integrated biophilia, bringing nature inside with thoughtful planting spread across the entire office footprint. This infusion of greenery offered both physical and psychological benefits, fostering a positive atmosphere and enhancing creativity.

The Watches of Switzerland Group headquarters in Leicester stands as a testament to the seamless partnership between Modus Workspace and Quadrant Design. By deftly merging nature-inspired elements with luxurious interiors that reflect the brand's essence, the new workspace exudes elegance and sophistication. More than just an office, it has become a destination, a nurturing space where employees can thrive, and ideas can flourish. The design flawlessly embodies the retail quality seen in The Watches of Switzerland Group, Goldsmiths, and Mappin & Webb showrooms, while maintaining the personality and culture that the brand holds dear. The Watches of Switzerland Group Carlton Park Project represents the epitome of a successful office relocation and design project that honours the past and welcomes the future.

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