How Relocating Your Office Can Benefit Employee Health and Well-Being

The 2024 Workplace Health Report published by Champion Health, reported that 79% of employees considered their stress levels to be moderate to high at work, and 65% reported feeling anxious. According to a recent study, 68% of employees said an office relocation had a positive impact on them in the workplace, indicating the potential for an office relocation to reduce employee stress and anxiety, drive innovation, and open new opportunities for growth.

Improved Work Environment

One of the main advantages of relocating your workspace is the opportunity to design a workspace that directly contributes to the physical health of employees. Emerald Insight's research on healthy workplaces highlights the impact of physical environment factors like spatial comfort, natural light that can boost vitamin D levels and improve mood, and ergonomic design on employee health​. Relocating to a WELL-certified building has been associated with reduced employee fatigue and improved overall satisfaction, productivity and health. The research also underscored that well-designed spaces play a crucial role in reducing workplace stress.

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Enhanced Amenities

A new location often comes with the chance to upgrade amenities, which can boost employee satisfaction and well-being. Contemporary, well-equipped spaces can include state-of-the-art gym facilities, wellness areas, and cafeterias that offer healthy food options. Opting for a location near restaurants and amenities provides a vibrant work environment, promotes social interactions, caters to the physical health of your employees, and contributes to a more engaging and enjoyable workplace culture​.

Gym space at FORA's Henry Wood House workspace

Improved Commuting

Commuting is unavoidable in many employees' daily routines and can significantly affect their well-being. An article from Global Healthcare Resources said long commutes can lead to increased stress, reduced physical activity, and sleep deprivation, negatively impacting employees' health. Employers can offer commuter benefits, active transportation programs, wellness plans, and mental health support and choose a more convenient location for public transport to help reduce the negative impact.

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New Opportunities for Collaboration and Networking

Relocating your workspace can expose employees to new people and organisations, unlocking valuable collaboration opportunities. Choosing a strategic location near industry hubs and talent pools can provide opportunities for valuable collaborations and improved visibility for your company. By expanding your employees' professional network, you can cultivate a more collaborative work environment that drives innovation and growth.

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Opportunity for Growth and Development

Relocating an office can be a sign of growth and expansion for a company. If your current space is overcrowded, it can hinder employee efficiency and productivity. Alternatively, if you are aiming to implement new effective working methods, like hybrid and activity-based working, relocating provides an opportunity to create a space better suited to your needs. This strategic move facilitates day-to-day operations and enhances your company’s capacity for growth.

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Fresh Start, Fresh Space

Relocating your workspace can be challenging, but it does not have to be a negative experience. Office relocation is not just about moving the physical space, it is also a strategic decision that can significantly impact the health and well-being of your employees. To create a healthier and more vibrant workplace, companies should consider factors such as natural lighting, air quality, access to amenities, and the inclusion of ergonomic furniture and green spaces. Doing so can attract top talent and maintain their employees' health and productivity. The workplace should be a place of productivity and a sanctuary of well-being.

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