Office Design for talent Retention

Employee retention is a central preoccupation of modern businesses. Turnover is an issue that is undeniably growing – in 2020, 63% of CFOs polled suggested that employee turnover had increased in the preceding 3 years, which becomes particularly problematic when you consider that a higher retention rate has been shown to increase the profits of a company by a factor of four.

Collaborative spaces

Creating collaborative spaces, such as meeting rooms, break rooms, and open office areas, can encourage teamwork and communication, which can help retain employees.


Providing amenities such as a kitchen, gym, or game room can make your office more attractive to employees and help retain them.

Ergonomic furnishings

Investing in ergonomic furniture and equipment can help reduce the risk of injuries and improve the comfort of your employees, which can help retain them.

Natural light and greenery

Incorporating natural light and plants into the office design can create a more pleasant and healthy work environment, which can help retain employees.


Allowing employees to personalize their workspace to a certain extent can help them feel more comfortable and invested in the office, which can help retain them.


Providing the latest technology and tools can help employees work more efficiently and effectively, which can help retain them.

By including these elements in your office design, you can create a work environment that is attractive, comfortable, and functional, which can help retain top talent.


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