Technology to kickstart your 2022 hybrid working experience

From portable dual screens to creating the ultimate app, organisations are investing in technology which facilitates a seamless hybrid working experience for employees.


Resource booking for the hybrid world


Resource booking and scheduling is now a common feature of the workplace, even more so since the pandemic. When you need a meeting room or maybe even a desk, you generally have to book it to ensure that you have the right resource at the right time. One dimension that solutions often miss out on, however, is collaboration – what if you do not just want to book a resource, but you want to come in at the same time as someone else? This is a key question in hybrid working.

Akari is a company that aims to solve this problem through its booking system. Its application is a simple and seamless way to empower hybrid workers to book what they need, when they need it. A key feature that few competitors match is the fact that this app shows how many people are booked into the office on a given day, giving users a useful viewpoint for making their decision as to when to come in.

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The ultimate workplace app

Employee experience is a key driver of recruitment and retention in the modern business environment. The most successful companies have a dedicated drive to ensure that employees have a seamless journey throughout the working day. The efficiency benefits alone of a frictionless workday are easily worth the cost of making improvements.


Seamlessness sits at the heart of an application offered by Zonifero – this uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to ensure that employees have a smooth journey around the office without all of the minor inconveniences that slow them down. It includes bookings, a colleague finder, employee lists, FAQs, access and more. Zonifero is designed to be the only app your workplace needs, consolidating a range of different functions into one easy-to-use format.

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Work from anyplace

While remote working has long been possible, in forcing a large proportion of the world’s workforce to do it overnight during the pandemic has shown companies around the world that it is possible (and even desirable) to allow some degree of remote working. This in turn has caused a drive for workers to base themselves wherever they like. While for most people this has meant being a bit further from a city centre office and still going in a few times a week, those with more flexible employers may find that they now have options to work from anywhere in the world.


Anyplace is an accommodation provider that aims to support this new cohort of nomadic workers. Aimed specifically at remote workers, Anyplace offers workers an extensive choice of accommodation, from apartments and hotels to co-living spaces. High speed internet and a comfortable desk setup are featured in every location and flexibility of stay is supported. Anyplace offers a chance to truly work from anywhere for any remote workers who want to take it.




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Portable dual screens


It is well established by now that two screens are better than one. Being able to view two separate programs side by side on your computer eliminates the time and attention costs of switching between things constantly, streamlining your workflow. But this still leaves the problem of screens generally being bulky, heavy and anchored to desks. For people who are working on the move or simply like to move between different spaces, it can be a challenge to work with dual screens as well.


The Duex Max is a new screen that solves this problem through innovative design that attaches a slim screen to the back of a laptop, ready to slide out whenever you need more screen space. At 14.1 inches, the screen is bigger than some laptops and supports resolutions up to 1080p. Perfect for those on the move, simply slide out the screen, plug it in and enjoy having two screens on a laptop anywhere you want to work.


This article is based on a research piece 'Technology roundup: workplace experience apps take centre stage’, authored by Arraz Makhzani, Associate Director at UnWork, for WORKTECH Academy. Workplace Futures Group is a Corporate Member of the Academy, which is a global online platform and membership organisation for the future of work and workplace design.