Tim White and Juliet Price to speak at FOOTPRINT+

Chief Operating Officer of Workplace Futures Group, Tim White, and Juliet Price, Modus Project Director, to Speak on ESG's Impact on Asset Performance at FOOTPRINT+


Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles has emerged as a critical factor in investment decision-making. As a B Corp and a frontrunner in promoting sustainable finance practices, we are excited to announce that Tim White, Chief Operating Officer of our parent company, Workplace Futures Group, and Juliet Price, Modus Project Director, will be hosting the breakfast briefing session "How is ESG driving asset performance?" at the Financing the Carbon Revolution Stage at 8:30 am on May 9th. 

During the Breakfast Briefing, Tim, Juliet, and fellow panellist Adam Hinds, Co-Founder of LifeProven, will explore the multifaceted impact of ESG on asset performance. The discussion will cover various aspects of ESG's influence on businesses' finances and reveal how to develop a robust ESG strategy that focuses on enhancing financial and impact performance over time.

Tim White brings decades of experience and expertise to the table, particularly in ESG integration and its impact on asset performance. With a proven track record of implementing ESG strategies to enhance asset performance, Tim is uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights into this increasingly important aspect of business operations, making him a leading voice in the field.

Juliet Price, Modus Project Director, plays a fundamental role in exemplifying the practical application of ESG principles in project management. Collaborating closely with clients, Juliet ensures their visions are brought to life with sustainability and technological innovation at the forefront. Her approach is hands-on, overseeing projects from inception through completion, guaranteeing that ESG standards are both met and exceeded.

The panel discussion will explore how ESG influences asset performance, shining a light on the correlation between sustainability efforts and financial returns. Against the backdrop of an increasingly conscious investor base, the relevance of this discourse cannot be overstated, as stakeholders seek to navigate the complexities of sustainable finance with confidence and clarity.

As we look ahead to the Breakfast Briefing on May 9th, we extend a warm invitation to all those interested in unlocking the transformative potential of ESG in driving asset performance. With Tim, Juliet, and Adam’s invaluable expertise we anticipate a thought-provoking dialogue that will shape the future of sustainable finance for years to come. Secure your spot now and join Tim, Juliet, and Adam at the Breakfast Briefing on May 9th. Get your tickets today!