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Bar area / Library / Garden lounge / Client barista bar / Terrace / Meeting rooms / Gym area / Prayer room


15,000 SQ FT

A Design for Employee Wellbeing

Fintech company, Adyen, appointed our design team to curate a holistic and wellbeing-focused workplace for their team. Our designers took into consideration Adyen employee’s needs, which emphasised flexibility and the ability to exercise. As a result, we created a wellness room with Pelotons, a rowing machine, and an elliptical machine, and incorporated a privacy room for various activities such as prayer, meditation, breastfeeding, and getting ready for events. 

Modus  Adyen Gym

A Home-Like Atmosphere

The team also requested a Barista-run coffee bar, which was designed and installed as a social space for employees and was subsequently donated to the charity 'Change Please' to use as a training facility for the homeless who are training to become baristas. The new workspace is a perfect example of a home-like atmosphere that reflects the company's culture.

Modus  Adyen Breakout Area