Case Study



  • Reception
  • Teapoint
  • Open plan office
  • Phone Booths
  • Breakout areas
  • Meeting room

Photography credit

Tom Fallon Photography


7,500 SQ FT

Balance of Industrial and Warmth

The leading life science tools company, LGC's new office, is situated at 80 Victoria Street in Landsec’s building. This space boasts an industrial aesthetic that combines raw materials' charm with warm lighting's inviting ambience. To enhance productivity and comfort, acoustic panels and rafts have been thoughtfully integrated. These additions not only absorb sound, reducing distractions in the open environment, but also contribute to a quieter and more focused work atmosphere.

2309_Modus_LGC_WEB (7).jpg

Where Sustainability Meets Industrial Chic

The warm lighting fixtures strategically placed throughout the space create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, balancing the harshness of the industrial elements. Furniture and accents provide a sense of sophistication, tying the entire workspace together into a harmonious blend of industrial ruggedness and inviting warmth. In partnership with Platfform we have successfully integrated sustainability into the overall design.  For example, The Bowl Table, designed by Ayush Kasliwal, and featured in the Teapoint and reception area, is made entirely from recycled plastics and repurposed fibre-based waste.

2309_Modus_LGC_WEB (15).jpg