Why ESG at Modus?


The ESG performance for how we design, construct and operate buildings has never been more important.

39% of all energy-related CO2 emissions come from property activities; and buildings have the unique ability to influence health, wellbeing and social outcomes for the people who spend their time in and around them.

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As a cutting-edge design, technology and workplace innovation specialist, the design, construction and operational advice we give, and actions we take are vital to the health of people and the impact on the planet. We are dedicated to making this impact positive; and use the following definitions to measure our performance:

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Understanding ESG: A Moral & Commercial Opportunity


Our primary mission is to help our clients – be they occupiers or providers – to achieve and maintain competitive advantage through the workplaces they use, rent or sell. ESG has rapidly transitioned from being a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ for both business and property performance, with changing legislation requirements, evolving contractual obligations and shifting market
expectations driving the ESG agenda.

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Embedding ESG: Client Services Framework


Having a robust understanding of these pressures is key to helping clients achieve and maintain competitive advantage; so we have
tailored our services to help all clients understand key risks and take advantage of new opportunities through our robust ESG services framework.

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Delivering ESG though our services


From project start to project completion and beyond we have mapped out all of the ways in which we deliver ESG. This map explores the clients ESG brief, ESG project set up, ESG through construction, ESG through handover and finally ESG through operation and client benefits.

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Across the group, we have raised over £20,000 since 2019, we have a Group Matching Scheme for all funds raised, are a partner of Business2Schools, the Lighthouse Club and London Air Ambulance charities.

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