A Sensory Space for Ouronyx

Can you create the first global destination clinic focused exclusively on facial aesthetics and a sensory experiential space? This was the brief given to us by Ouronyx, a leading aesthetic company with the world’s best in-class doctors that celebrate and harness personalised, non-surgical treatments. It was unlike anything we had ever done before.

Ouronyx fell in love with the location of one of our Tenant Ready spaces at 20 St James’s Street that we had previously fitted out and were ready to put their stamp on the space. Located right in the heart of Mayfair, London’s most exclusive postcode and moments from the Ritz, it is an idyllic location for their global clientele.

So, how did they make their mark on the space? As their first location and London Flagship clinic, they wanted to make a statement. After walking around the space for the first time, they asked us to strip the entire space and start again. Rising to the challenge, in the middle of a global pandemic and lockdown, we were more than ready to create something extraordinary.


From the moment you walk into the space you are taken on a sensory experience 

Tasked with taking the ‘clinical feel’ out of the aesthetic clinic and create an elegant, chic boutique, our Creative Director Vidhi Sharma immersed herself with their brand and clientele, considering the psychological feel of the space. Wanting to do something bigger and better than we ever had before, we focused the design around evoking a sensory experience.


Clean lines and minimalist design

From the moment you step inside Ouronyx, you immediately feel at ease, calmed by the clean lines and minimalist design. As the door closes behind you and you take your first deep breath, you are transported far away from the busy streets of London. There is an undeniable energy within and you can feel you are about to be taken on a journey of exuberance, a truly memorable experience.

A soft, aromatic scent fills your senses as you take a seat in the luxurious client lounge, taking in the striking coffee bar. You feel your body relax and the tension you have been holding slips away. You are greeted by a warm smile and guided down the elegant staircase towards the treatment area where the magic happens – the transition is seamless as you become absorbed in the interactive, bespoke artwork, taking in the fragility, harmony and beauty of the piece.

A seamless transition from the client lounge down into the main treatment room area.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and take yourself on a sensory experience here.