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  • Meeting rooms
  • Training Room
  • Reception

Special Features

Client lounge consultation area / Coffee bar / Training space / Treatment room

Photography Credit

Tom Fallon Photography


6,910 SQ FT

Boutique Atmosphere at Ouronyx Clinic

Ouronyx Clinic in Mayfair exemplifies exceptional design and functionality, emphasising a collaborative approach to create a memorable and trusting client experience. The design team sought to transform the clinical feel into an elegant, boutique atmosphere through clean lines, a muted colour palette, and minimalist aesthetics.

The design features a luxurious client lounge with a striking coffee bar, exuding relaxation with a soft, aromatic ambiance. The treatment area, located downstairs, welcomes guests with interactive, bespoke artwork that reflects fragility, harmony, and beauty, enhancing the overall experience.


A World of Relaxation and Care

Ouronyx aims to offer a unique experience, transporting clients from the busy streets of London into a world of relaxation and care. The design's seamless transition from the lounge to the treatment area ensures a soothing and peaceful atmosphere, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate. From the moment one enters the space, a sense of relief and assurance prevails, assuring guests that they are in expert hands, creating a truly unforgettable journey for every visitor.