Case Study



  • Teapoint
  • Reception
  • Meeting room
  • Private Meeting Rooms
  • Boardroom

Special Features

Production Suite / Innovation Hub

Photography Credit

Tom Fallon Photography


37,000 SQ FT

A Sustainable and Ethical Design

Baringa, a dynamic and environmentally-conscious management consultancy, faced the challenge of transforming a corporate and cold ex-Rolls Royce building into a space that reflected their unique culture and core values. The design aimed to be corporate yet relaxed, showcasing Baringa's brand identity and colours throughout. Embracing the building's structural integrity, sustainable choices were made, and Platfform, a furniture consultancy, sourced suitable furniture solutions. The project prioritised sustainability and ethical sourcing, aligning with Baringa's values.


A Seamless Design Reflecting Company Values

The involvement of the wider team in design meetings ensured their active participation and ownership in the project. Overcoming various challenges, such as concealing imperfections and working around existing elements, required creative problem-solving. The breakout area and tech bar were particularly challenging but resulted in a fluid and seamless design that complemented the existing elements. The successful transformation of the space demonstrated the dedication to quality, collaboration, ownership, integrity, and passion that defines Baringa's culture. The project reflected their commitment to making a net-positive impact on the environment while creating an inspiring and harmonious workspace.